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About Company
"We are a universal company of web development for all your needs. We are passionate for creating clean and easy to use open source solutions. We focus on companies who wish to deal with single company to save time and avoid possible extension compatibility issues. That is why we are trying to provide must have and first priority extensions for your websites."


Edvard Ananyan

Edvard Ananyan

The founder and owner of 2GLux. A young physicist holding Masters degree from YSU.

He started his IT carrier in 2006 with an associate programmer position at Netsys JV LLC. In 2009 has been selected as a Google Summer of Code student and worked with Google Inc where he created Working Copy extension for Joomla. From 2010 he has a consulting contract with The World Bank where he is developing Complaints Logging System for project management and anti-corruption purposes.

He likes football and is a big fan of Manchester United.

Knows Armenian, Russian and English.