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Our new site is online!

Today we are happy to introduce our new website! We have worked hard to provide our extensions users and customers easy to use and navigate website. Check out our projects to find out how they can help your business to grow or simply make your day brighter. You can find the list of our services and we will be happy to assist you.

Previously our extensions were available at edo.webmaster.am. It served more than 3 million downloads in 4 year period to the open source communities like Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. After successfully releasing HeatMap and GSpeech extensions together co-founders Edvard Ananyan and Simon Poghosyan joined their forces to collect professional developers and designers team and provide quality support, services and extensions to the open source world.

Hope you will like our new website. Enjoy!

Introducing GTranslate Enterprise - Translation Delivery Network

Today we are happy to introduce a next generation translation technology called Translation Delivery Network. A cloud network which will deliver translations for websites.

With it you can make your website multilingual without installing any software on your site. No software, no server requirements! Just subscribe to use our service and enjoy up to date service every day without worrying about updates.

Check out GTranslate Enterprise tour video.