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Wordpress Google Translate - GTranslate
GTranslate for Wordpress:
  • Multilingual solution makes your website available to the world
  • One click translation helps visitors to read your site in their native language
  • Free automatic translation translates your site instantly upon installation
  • Professional translation by a human being is available 24/7
  • Customizable layout lets you choose the suitable layout for your site
  • Analytics with Google provides insight into your audience and user activity

GTranslate is for website owners who care about international traffic and sales.

Wordpress Google Translate - GTranslate for Wordpress
Rename Sexy Polling to Fancy Polling easily

We have made it possible to rename Sexy Polling to Fancy Polling by using our Fancy Polling plugin for Joomla.

To change the name you will need to setup the Fancy Polling plugin on your Joomla website and enable it.

You can download it here: plg_fancypolling.1.0.0.zip

This change makes it possible to use the Sexy Polling extension safely on school websites and other websites which cannot accept the plugin naming.

Edit: After you enable System - Fancy Polling plugin make sure to reorder the system plugins, so System - Fancy Polling plugin is after Fancy Polling or Sexy Polling plugin.

New Google Maps extension for Joomla

Finally I have found time to update our old GMap module which was only able to add simple markers on Google Map and render it on a module position.

With the new updated version you can draw on a map, add markers with info popup window on click event and show the map anywhere on your joomla website.

Here is the full features list:

  • Draw a polyline
  • Draw a circle
  • Draw a rectangle
  • Draw a polygon
  • Add marker and info window for it with custom HTML
  • Select custom colors for each shape
  • Edit drawings

This extension uses Google Maps APIv3.

If people like it and provide their feedback on Joomla Extensions Directory, then I'll keep it completely free and not limit the features.

I must say that currently only people who have complaints write reviews which is not inspiring and make us sad. Happy users just use it and do not even think that writing a review is very important for us and it inspires us and allows to provide future updates for free.

So, if you use any of our products, please post a review.

Our new site is online!

Today we are happy to introduce our new website! We have worked hard to provide our extensions users and customers easy to use and navigate website. Check out our projects to find out how they can help your business to grow or simply make your day brighter. You can find the list of our services and we will be happy to assist you.

Previously our extensions were available at edo.webmaster.am. It served more than 3 million downloads in 4 year period to the open source communities like Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. After successfully releasing HeatMap and GSpeech extensions together co-founders Edvard Ananyan and Simon Poghosyan joined their forces to collect professional developers and designers team and provide quality support, services and extensions to the open source world.

Hope you will like our new website. Enjoy!

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